Junior Games 2016

Junior Games 2016 were hosted by Gulberg Nursery and the Central Region at the Sports Complex on 22 November 2016. Around 250 Class 1 and 2 students from Lahore schools participated. There were three category of games for the both girls and boys including Tug of war, Dodge the ball and throw the ball. All the students participated with enthusiasm and enjoyed the event. Their friends, Principals and representatives from the RO also attended. All the winners were awarded medals. Kudos to all the young champions!

Tug of War – Boys

Alpha Campus stood 1st

Model Town Link Road stood 2nd

Shadman stood 3rd

Tug of War – Girls

Muslim Town Campus stood 1st

Paragon stood 2nd

Wapda Town Nursery stood 3rd

Dodge the Ball – Boys

Gulberg Nursery stood 1st

Shalimar Campus stood 2nd

Ravi Campus stood 3rd

Dodge the Ball – Girls

Boulevard Campus stood 1st

Model Town Link Road stood 2nd

Model Town Nursery stood 3rd

Throw the Ball

Iqbal Town Campus stood 1st

Gulberg Nursery stood 2nd

Shalimar Campus stood 3rd