Jinnah Campus Debate Competition

The Senior Section debate competition 2013-2014 at Jinnah Campus was organised and planned to highlight and bring out the best of the talent amongst the students for all the skills associated with public speaking.

This event also aimed to teach life changing, presentational and cognitive skills that will serve students well in the future. The main target was to provide a significant training ground for the development of student’s communicative abilities and to provide opportunities for student to practice and share their skills development.

The debate competition took on 30 August 2013 at Jinnah campus and was organised by Ms Paras Rajper. All the administrative staff did an excellent job in assisting with the arrangements.

The competition began with the recitation of the Holy Quran. The competition was hosted by two outstanding students with great flair and the participants enthusiastically defended their arguments. The judges of the competition comprised the senior English teachers best known for their linguistic skills (Mr. Amir Aro, Mr. Nadir Ali Hashmi and Mrs. Abida).

The results were announced the following day morning and the young winners were awarded certificates by the Head Master of the senior section, Mr. Qazi Awaisuddin, accompanied by the respective senior teachers.


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