ITTE Programme by CEPD

The Centre for Educational Professional Development (CEPD) rebranded in early 2019, from the Department of Professional Development (DPD), operates with the aim to reimagine professional development in a continually evolving environment. The objective of the department is very much aligned with The City School’s corporate philosophy of ‘Continuous Human Resource Development’ through building and maintaining productive partnerships with our resources.

The milestone this year is the Initial Teacher Training Education (ITTE) programme designed and delivered by the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, UK. The programme is currently being implemented in two phases from June through September, 2019. The first phase is in progress this summer with all school heads being developed into teacher educators, who will be responsible for subsequent development of all new joining teachers in the network through a process of cascade training (in phase 2). Sarah Lomax (Education Consultant), Janet Schofield (Senior Teaching Associate), Dr Elizabeth Taylor (Education Consultant), Mary Anne Wolpert(International Education Consultant) and Eric Squires (International Education Consultant), a group of very experienced faculty from the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education, UK are simultaneously facilitating the programme in both Lahore and Karachi. All Cambridge programmes are aligned to the UK Framework for Higher Education Qualification, thus offering teachers the opportunity to develop further in their career trajectory.

The CEPD is committed to excellence in lifelong learning and development, and the team is fully equipped with contemporary tools to support development initiatives within the network. CEPD members are internationally accredited experts in their respective areas who regularly participate in international as well as local initiatives to enhance their skills, upgrade their expertise and share new knowledge. All new and experienced educators are engaged within the network with the collaborative effort to raise TCS standards.