Techzone – the newly formed IT Society of The City School, Darakhshan Campus, Girls Section – organised ‘IT-Octoberfest’ on 8 October 2015. The event was arranged to create awareness among students regarding technology and its practical applications. It was a move towards hands-on experience rather than simple conceptual learning.

The creative presentations of the usual IT topics, captured everyone’s attention. The most innovative project of the event was a working model of an Autogate controlled by a pressure sensor. The Digital Logic Gate was another amazing model that was the centre of attention, it was designed and presented by Murwa Riaz. Computer Science students of Class 11 made a website and there were several graphics applications such as GIFs, multimedia presentations and 3D models that were also very noteworthy. The students also managed to recycle discarded IT items and made them useful by creating ‘IT Hacks.’

To keep the visitors engaged, the students had planned interesting activities like a playdough activity (Digital Logic Gate) and a secret message activity (Encryption).  Visitors could also have their picture taken as a Tech Celebrity. The school management and teachers were invited to see the students’ work and ask questions about their projects. The students also gave souvenirs to all the visitors, thanking them for their appreciation and positive feedback. Everyone enjoyed the great learning event, which was made possible by the dedicated efforts of the participating students and the Computer Science Teacher, Mrs Huma Imran.