International Achievement – Microsoft Certification

The City School PAF Chapter participated in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2015 for the first time. Thirty-two students of Prep Section and O Levels have successfully completed the Microsoft certification. Honourable mentions go to Dua Idrees Bagasra of 8-T, Imtiaz Ali Mirani of 8-N and Abdullah Mustafa of 8-O, who scored 914 marks out of 1000.

The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship is a global competition that tests students’ skills in the Microsoft Office application suite, mainly Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

The competition, which is in its 14th year, sees the participation of students from across the globe. The students compete for positions in their respective countries and then the best of the best are selected to participate in the championship held in the United States.

The names of successful students from TCS PAF Chapter and their scores are given below:

S.#NameClassMarks out of 1000
1Abdullah Mustafa😯914
2Imtiaz Ali Mirani8-N914
3Dua Idrees Bagasra8-T914
4Khwaja Faryab11-E908
5Laiba Basham7-C893
6M Arsal Abbas8-C893
7Hamza Yousuf 10-B885
8Agha Jasim Khan10-W885
9Abuzar Hussain Sohoo8-R871
10Syed Muhammad Arsam9-E862
11Muhammad Jahanzeb Naveed8-E850
12Maheen Ghaffar Hanif8-C850
13Rohail Naushad10-R838
14Waleed Ahsan Sarfaraz7-T832
15Umair Siddique10-W820
16Ajlal Iqbal11-E815
17Abdur Rehman Tahir10-B815
18Muhammad Taha Waseem9-E815
19Subayyal Siraj10-R810
20Muhammad Khalid Quadri8-R807
21Muhammad Ali8-E786
22Taha HUssain Khan10-O775
23Sagar Lohana8-N764
24Abdul Moiz Sohail11-E746
25Khubaib Kasbati10-A746
26Rayyan Farooq Butt8-R743
27Manoj Lohana11-R743
28Muhammad Ali10-R723
29Syed Saad Ahmed10-O723
30Sameer Khan9-O723
31Nadeer Hamid Hanfi10-R721
32Marium Tapal10-R700
The City School PAF Chapter Karachi participated in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship 2015