Initial Teacher Training Education

The Centre for Educational Professional Development (CEPD) at The City School  recently concluded phase 2 of the first of its kind ‘Initial Teacher Training Education’ (ITTE) programme. This ongoing project is special collaboration with the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Education who have committed to developing teacher educators across The City School Network by educating them in the most up-to-date educational knowledge, contemporary pedagogical skills and 21st century best practices. During the 2 weeks of training, experts from the Faculty of Education engaged our teacher educators in identifying optimal ways for meeting the needs of 21st century learners and ensuring that teachers are able to secure the best outcomes for learners.

A group of experienced and well-known faculty from the University of Cambridge flew to Lahore & Karachi respectively to work with a select group of teacher educators who will be instrumental in developing teachers across our network. Trainers on this programme included: Janet Schofield, Sarah Lomax, Dr. Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Anne Wolpert, Eric Squires & Alison Dunphy, who concurrently facilitated two large groups of teacher educators in both Karachi & Lahore.

We are proud of this initiative that reimagines professional development through aligning efforts with The City School goals of ‘continuous human resource development’