Illuminare ‘19

The City School Gulshan A Levels held its annual prestigious event, Illuminare ‘19 in February which was a huge success. It offered a vast array of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to the students, providing them a platform to showcase their creative skills. The event consisted of eleven segments including:


DIALECTIC: DIALECTIC provided a platform to the students to refine their debating skills.

INOVA: INOVA endeavoured to create a healthy learning environment for the science enthusiasts, so they can hone their skills in a competitive ambiance.

SCOUT: SCOUT was intended for the students who had a desire to solve mind-boggling conundrums.

CAPTURE THE MOMENT: This segment allowed the students to use pictorial medium to make the largest impact, whether it be on the issues of the society or a light-hearted skit.

SUPERSONIC: This was a quiz, in which the players (as individuals or in teams) were involved in game or mind sports aimed at testing one’s knowledge about the range of subjects.

THE VOICE: This segment was for those who believe they can mesmerize the masses with their voice, and sweep the audience off their feet with their melodies.

CHESS: This segment was dedicated to tactical players to use their strategic thinking, pattern recognition and problem solving skills.

COUNTERSTRIKE 1.6:  Young gamers were provided a platform to showcase their skills on the world famous first person shooter, “Counter-Strike.”

FIFA: FIFA provided a platform to the football enthusiasts to compete against distinguished players in the virtually simulated sports video game.

METRODORA: In this segment, the participants were enthralled with the idea of becoming future doctors. Students were provided a chance to act as medical practitioners and bring their dreams to life.

QUESTOLOGY: This module supported contestant’s analytical thinking and challenged their physical fitness through a series of activities and tasks.