High Altitude Youth Empowerment

Adventure Hospitality organised free-of-cost participation for two CIE O Level high achievers from The City School Central Region in the first Wilderness-based Leadership Conference in Pakistan – Markhor 2013. Held at Mukshpuri Peak in the Lower Himalayas from 3-6 October 2013, the conference was organised by Youth Impact, a non-profit youth development NGO known for its wilderness-based training sessions, in collaboration with organisations from the corporate sector.

Faizan Haider from A Level Gulberg Campus and Imad Rashid from Ravi Campus carried The City School flag amongst 78 students from 38 renowned educational institutions, which included universities, colleges and schools across four provinces of Pakistan.

The 100% scholarship arranged for Faizan and Imad covered all costs relating to boarding, lodging and travel between Islamabad and the conference venue.

The event was dedicated to the spirit of the Markhor“, the national animal of Pakistan known for its ability to survive and thrive at high altitudes in extreme weather conditions. The participants experienced camping at 9,240 feet on Mukshpuri Mountain, one of the most beautiful hill stations in the lower Himalayas, while testing their leadership skills through wilderness challenges, community interactions and nature association activities well out of their comfort zone.

The students were engaged in various action learning activities aimed at inspiring them to:

  • develop self-insight to answer three crucial questions (Who Am I? Where Am I? and Where do I want to be?)
  • understand the need to develop a personal development agenda
  • augment personal strengths and overcome weaknesses
  • develop a positive attitude towards self, others and the environment
  • achieve and sustain competitiveness to face the challenges of the 21st century and beyond by transferring positive attitudes to people around them through self and social leadership
  • understand the concept of “entrepreneurship” in its simplest and most effective form
  • envision the “Future of Pakistan” by understanding and exercising a spirit of social leadership.

Presentations at the conference were delivered by more than 10 Wildernote (keynote) speakers/facilitators including Vice Admiral (Retd) Farooq Rashid (CEO, Guardian Management); Mr. Naseem Zafar Iqbal (CEO, Training Impact Limited); Dr. Khalid Rehman (Director General, Institute of Policy Studies-Pakistan); Mr. Faiq Sadiq (Head of Payment Services, HBL); Mr. Khurram Mujtaba (CEO Moftak Solutions), and Dr. Zeeshan ul Hassan Usmani (CEO, Go-Fig Solutions).

As envisaged, the event embodied the vision of the Adventure Hospitality Programme which is “to become a leading facilitator of an “I Can Do” experience for students in the world of school education”. The City School students completed some challenges which they initially thought difficult to meet, including two hours of trekking/hiking from 7,200 to 9,240 feet to reach the conference venue (Mukshpuri peak). The journey started with “I can’t do” feelings and culminated with an “I can do” experience.

Faizan Haider was a member of the team that won “the best team award” based on their performance in various action-oriented projects assigned to the participants of the conference.

11book week 2013