Health and Fun Fiesta 2013

The Junior Section of PAF Chapter held a jam-packed event on 1 November 2013, linked with the Cross-Curricular Project of “Health is Wealth”. It turned out to be a day full of purposeful fun and excitement.


The arena was decorated with banners and slogans emphasising a litter-free, non-polluted environment. Dustbins were decorated with colourful pompoms and captions enticing pupils to throw the waste in the bins.


The majority of the eatables were home-made by the staff, including Haleem, Noodles, Pastas, Cakes, Brownies, Samosas, Cutlets and Sandwiches.


Following the theme of healthy living, a hand-washing campaign had been initiated at the morning assembly, briefing the students about the bacterial growth and germs on hands which need to be washed away frequently. A cubicle was specially created with wash basins, hand washing liquid and tissues. Announcements were made intermittently exhorting the excited junior kids to keep the ground clean from litter and to wash their hands. It was very encouraging to see the children responding to the announcements, collecting and throwing the garbage in the disposal cans. Throughout the programme, while the juniors enjoyed the joyrides, makeovers, games and food, they were instilled with the importance of the ‘Health Awareness Campaign’.


The domestic staff was relieved of their usual ground cleaning task on a hectic fun fair day. It was amazing to see the same ground, which minutes before was swarming with a crowd of almost 1000 students, ready for a litter-free dispersal.

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