Hamna Hatif: Another gem of The City School

Hamna Hatif is the latest addition to the gems of The City School. She has made us all proud by getting admission in Bsc (Hons) Programme at LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) with 100% financial aid.

Born with a major handicap (blind by birth), Hamna is an epitome of sheer strength and determination who does not know what ‘giving up’ means; she is an inspiration, not only for Citizens but also the world.

Hamna has made history: Her indomitable spirit, coupled with the support of her teachers and staff at Ravi Campus, has led to this outstanding achievement. The credit is due to all who guided her along this arduous journey towards her ultimate goal. Hamna had joined The City School in Junior VI and will be taking her A level Cambridge Examinations in May/June session 2013.

Although she has yet to appear in her exams, Hamna has been graciously assured of admission at LUMS in light of her academic record at school. Godspeed Hamna!