A guidance counsellor helps students make choices about their academic and career options whilst keeping in mind the unique needs and interests of the student and the family.

Guidance counselling involves career and academic counselling and taking a holistic approach to the process by considering the possible stressors and influences in students’ lives whilst career counselling simply looks at the pathways to careers.

We need a Guidance Counsellor in a school to create a support system for students to help facilitate them in their decision-making process.

Academic advising and consultation; coordinating between external resources (resources available outside of the school campus, in and outside of the network – for example, inter school competitions, opportunities at other institutions like specific scholarships for sports etc.) and student needs; identifying and promoting talents, and creating inspiration and motivation are some of the responsibilities of the guidance counsellor in the academic capacity.

No. The counsellor works with all the students from class 7 to class 13 to orient them to the procedures, challenges, and planning of their academic and career options. In addition, one-on-one consultation is scheduled to discuss the personal queries about this process.