The Senior Boys Section at Darakhshan Campus put in serious efforts to make the grand assembly a success and it paid off well.

Grand Assembly (10)

The agenda was to bring about a change and for this the groundwork was laid by Daniyal Jokhio. He delivered a speech with such excellence that the audience gave unending applause. The play ‘The Nation of Sheep’ was divided in five stages – Family Portrait, The Brawl, Lamentation, Master of Puppets, and Unveiling.


The play was all about a family, where the parents had lost their only child to crossfire between two political parties. The father is then seen joining one to avenge the other that costs him his life. While the mother mourns the two, another set of leaders are shown displaying their powers through a monstrous mind control over their marionettes, and hence titled, Master of Puppets. This was depicted through ballet and puppet dance moves with colour-coded attire and coloured powders that did marvellously to grasp the audience’s attention.