PAF Chapter Prep Section joined hands with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and became a member of the Green School Programme in October 2014. This programme inculcates nature-friendly practices amongst students, such as recycling waste and keeping the environment clean.

WWF Earth Day Event

Green Parliamentarian Elections were also planned and Maryam Bakza was elected as the President and Daniel Shafi as Vice-president.

WWF organises different competitions and activities for their members throughout the year. They organised a radio championship “Speak for Green” in the month of November 2014. All Green Members auditioned for the competition and Sohaib Shirazi of Class 8-R was selected to represent PAF Chapter in the final round.

In January 2015, WWF organised the Green 60 Competition. Green Members had to submit a 60-second video message regarding the effects of pollution on the environment and how they can help prevent these. 10 members participated and the video message by Noor Zehra of Class 6-E was selected amongst the top 12 videos from all over Karachi.

A mini football activity for all students of Class 6, sponsored by Surf Excel, was conducted by the WWF team at PAF Chapter. The purpose of the activity was to promote personal and environmental cleanliness and since football is a popular game, students really enjoyed the activity.

Furthermore, an Eco-Adventure was organised by the WWF team in April 2015 for Green Members. These included activities such as treasure hunt, obstacle course and wall rappelling. The wall rappelling activity was a major attraction for the students.

GO GREEN activity at the city school by surf excel and wwf (2)