Global Village, an amalgamation of fun and learning, proved to be the most memorable event of the term at Darakhshan Campus, Girls Section. All students from Classes 7 to 9 did in-depth research about the countries chosen by their respective groups. On 30 April 2015, they set up stalls inside the classrooms depicting the culture, religion, economy and social life of the 35 selected countries. Dressed up in the colourful clothes of different nations, the students shared interesting presentations and information about food, currency, stamps and souvenirs with all those who visited their stalls.

In Class 7, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Argentina were declared the best, even though Japan, Australia and Mauritius also grabbed all the students’ attention. In Class 8, Hawaii, India, the United Kingdom, Afghanistan and Mexico dazzled everybody. China was depicted most creatively by Class 9, and the stalls of Pakistan, France and Italy were also quite engaging.

In a nutshell, this co- curricular activity enabled the students to go around the world in just one day.