Gandhara – Preserving a Legacy

The City School students actively participated in the “Buddhist Prayer Ceremony for Peace and Harmony” held on 21st October 2014 at the Jaulian Buddhist Monastery. Eight Buddhist monks from Korea, including women, offered special prayers and performed religious rituals for peace and stability in the world in general.

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The ceremony was followed by a dinner at a leading hotel in Islamabad where students ushered the ceremony, elaborated on the purpose of the TCS-GACA association, presented a song composed by the TCS Music Club “Pakistan Gandhara Style”, and emphasised the concept of global peace. This entire event was covered by BBC UK and all major electronic media.

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Gandhara – Preserving a Legacy (6)This was the latest in a series of activities celebrating the civilisation of Gandhara. The City School recently joined hands with the Gandhara Art & Culture Association (GACA) to appreciate and promote this national treasures. Earlier in the year, The City School and GACA designated 2014 as the year to celebrate Gandhara. This was launched at an impressive ceremony on 31st May 2014 in Bhara Kaho near Islamabad. Attended by the ambassadors of several countries, bureaucrats, senators and educationists, the event showcased an outstanding collection from the Gandhara era. The Chief Guest Inter-Provincial Coordination Minister Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada, addressed the students and congratulated them for being involved in an initiative encompassing ‘Peace’.


Gandhara is one of the greatest civilisations that ever existed on earth, rich in art and culture. It was also the most peaceful civilisation spreading only the message of peace and love during its entire period of existence. GACA aims to preserve, conserve and promote the inherited treasure of the Gandhara Civilisation in Pakistan.

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The purpose of the coalition of TCS with GACA is far-reaching. We mainly aim to promote a positive image of Pakistan and spread the message of World Peace. One of the most important objectives is the revival of the World’s First University in Taxila.

The City School and GACA are also planning to submit a proposal to the Government of Pakistan to announce “Pakistan Heritage Day” every year to give tribute to all the civilisations of Pakistan. Next year we could celebrate the Indus Valley civilisation, and every year we could offer a rich and diverse programme to celebrate our heritage.

One of the largest educational networks of South Asia, The City School has for the past 35 years worked towards incorporating culture, moral values, and social responsibilities into our academic curriculum. An integral part of our academic policy is to instil in our students a sense of ownership for our culture and traditions and we are leading the way in promoting understanding, appreciation and respect for our cultural heritage.

There are a number of events planned for 2014-2015, including a series of competitions, for which we  hope to get extensive national and international media coverage.