The City School Darakhshan Campus Junior Section held its annual function Envisage 2016 ‘A Voyage—Flintstones to the Unbeknown’ on 12 April 2016.


The stage was decorated with dazzling lights and beautifully designed backdrops and props. The programme commenced with the name of Allah, followed by the national anthem, school song and Hamd. The show started with Ismail Umer and Mir Ali Marri (Class 4) taking the audience through a spectacular and unforgettable journey in time. It began with the life of the early man, followed by the majestic Mughal and British eras that lasted from 1950-2000. The audience were thoroughly entertained by the dance performances and detailed information shared by the students.


After that began the Digital Revolution era from 2001 till present. The students dressed up as famous leaders and delivered impressive speeches. The most commonly used digital platforms and devices such as Google, Facebook, iPod etc were also depicted in the show. The last segment titled ‘World Unbeknown’ stole the show as the audience were given a glimpse of the future era. It was breathtaking to see the robots, future gadgets and young voyagers travelling in spaceships.


The choir impressed the audience with their melodious singing and the performers demonstrated their skills with perfect coordination. The students did a commendable job conducting the whole programme from the welcome speech to closing speech. The event was a huge success and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the interesting performances by the students.