End of Year Class Party 2015

The anxiously-awaited and much demanded End of Year class party for the Junior Section was held on Friday, 15 May 2015.  The atmosphere was full of excitement and festivity as the children, dressed in trendy summer outfits, started gathering in the inner two courtyards. Students’ curiosity and excitement was clearly evident as they were keen to see the big surprise they had been promised. At last, the long-awaited show began and right before their eyes were the juggler and the magician. Both the artists were welcomed with a huge applause by the students and teachers. The magician and juggler kept the children captivated with their amusing and witty tricks.

The children’s excitement continued as they enjoyed the lemonade activity and class parties. They decorated their classes with balloons and buntings, which gave the environment a carnival effect. They were also seen sharing food and drinks with each other, especially the refreshing lemonade which helped the students beat the heat and enjoy to the fullest. The classrooms were lively and the parties marked a befitting end to a constructive and productive term.