EFU Life and The City School enter into Strategic Partnership

EFU Life and The City School have entered into a strategic collaboration to offer Education Continuation and Education Savings financial planning solutions to the parents of children who study at The City School. Under the umbrella of the Smart Citizen Program, the Continuation Scheme ensures that the child’s education can continue unhindered due to financial constraints in case of an unfortunate event of the parent’s death or becoming permanently disabled. The savings plan provides a medium to long term horizon creating an education fund that can support the future education expenses of the child, either in Pakistan or abroad.

The Agreement was signed by Mr. Aurangzeb Feroz, CEO, The City School and Mr. Mohammed Ali Ahmed, Executive Director, EFU Life. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Feroz said “The City School works in partnership with parents to provide the best possible education for their children. This collaboration with EFU Life will really help our parents further that aim at The City School and beyond”. Mr. Ahmed expressed his view that “Education is a key pillar for development of any nation and EFU Life is consciously playing its part in supporting this national cause. We are excited about our partnership with The City School and are aiming to provide a financial security net to the parents so that the children’s education is guaranteed”