Earth Day Celebration Week

PAF Chapter Junior Section organised the most vibrant and fun-filled Earth Day celebrations from 20 April to 24 April 2015.


Day 1:

  • Assembly Presentation: The Hazards of Plastic Bags

Awareness was created about the dangers of using polythene packets.

  • Art Activity: Trash to Treasures

Students recycled, reduced and reused old birthday and wedding cards and plastic bottles. They made creative items that were exhibited.

  • Coat hanger mobiles were used for hanging information on Endangered Species.


Day 2:

  • Poster Making Activity:
    • Earth’s Scenic Beauty for Class3
    • Pollution for Class 4
    • Marine life for Class 5


Day 3:

  • Musical Show by Earthlings (Choir sang soul stirring songs related to saving the Mother Earth).
  • Plant our Planet planting activity conducted with 18 grandparents.
  • Grandparents planted saplings with their grandchildren.


Day 4:

  • Pledge to Mother Earth “I, the student of Junior Section pledge that I will save Mother Earth from all harm.”
  • 10 students from each House with their House teachers put imprints of their hands on a screen on behalf of the Junior students.


Day 5:

  • Walkathon: Saving the Earth (House-wise)

Junior Section students marched with a cause to save Mother Earth with banners wearing head and hand bands, chanting slogans and took a round of the whole campus to show their love and care for Mother Earth.