Early Years Symposium

The City School held its first Early Years Symposium on Saturday, 28 January 2017 at Alpha Campus DHA, Lahore. It was attended by Educationists, Network Heads, School Heads and Researchers to promote and discuss strategies and main features of the Early Years Education programme. Speakers from the Network’s EYE Department covered the four EYE areas: developmental stages of learning, structural figures, retention of students and the future goals set for vision 2020.
The Honourable Group Chairperson, Director-CR Mrs Irum Yousuf, Director Academics Mr Philip Hallworth and General Manager-SR Early Years Education Ms Saboohi Irtiza also graced the occasion with their presence. Group Chairperson highlighted the importance of a resilient foundation stage and the role it plays in helping children throughout their learning journey. Mrs Irum Yousuf spoke about the various methods of learning and how TCS incorporates those methods into its curriculum to achieve academic excellence. Ms Saboohi Irtiza stressed the need of strong collaboration between diverse methods and resources of education to keep the future of Early Years Education secure and prosperous at TCS.