Early Years Education

Children who have access to high quality education in their Early Years develop much better social, emotional and thinking skills. The City School therefore aims to always increase and sustain the quality of Early Years opportunities so children are more able to fulfil their potential.

Our carefully planned curriculum provides teachers with a framework for interacting with children, planning their lessons, and assessing and monitoring child’s learning.

Our teachers enjoy developing young children and constantly reflect and re-evaluate all that they do. Children are individuals with feelings, ideas and a vast imagination, so we nurture and develop them physically, mentally, morally and spiritually.

Our Early Years Education EYE is about three things:

  • The child
  • The context and environment in which learning takes place
  • The child’s knowledge and understanding.


Children in our Early Years learn by playing and exploring, and through creative activities that develop their critical thinking abilities. The Early Years education approach employs teaching practices that aid the holistic development of the child through:

  • High levels of academic content
  • Appropriate learning environment and tools
  • A consistent daily routine
  • Effective and appropriate teaching practices


The seven areas of learning and development are interconnected and shape our educational programmes in our Early Years settings.



Communication and Language

In our Early Years setting, children build the foundations for language and learning as they develop their speaking and listening skills.


Personal Social and Emotional Development

We provide strategies and encouragement to help children play fairly and safely and cultivate their understanding and empathy towards others. We all know it is vitally imperative that young children are helped to learn the social skills needed to interact positively and to form good relationships.


Physical Development

Physical development increases body movement, flexibility and provides experiences for children to be active in the environment, promotes their growth, their confidence and awareness of how to move precisely.



Understanding the World

Children are provided with meaningful experiences through various types of play and learning opportunities to explore their surroundings and stimulate their senses.


Expressive Arts and Design

We encourage children to explore and play with a wide range of media and materials, provide opportunities for sharing their thoughts and feelings through diverse activities in art, music, role-play, design and technology.



Literacy covers a wide range of learning. In our Early Years, we begin with a basic understanding of phonic sounds, sharing books and reading, and early mark-making and writing.



We provide an engaging and encouraging environment for children’s early encounters with mathematics and simple problem solving, which increases their confidence and analytical skills.

The School - Parent Partnership

The City School believes in forming strong partnerships with our children, parents, community and professionals. Our aim is to promote children’s learning and strengthen their abilities to observe, assimilate, apply and consolidate their ideas in the process of teaching and learning. Our partnerships are both formal and informal, creating relationships and processes that support our children’s learning and development.

The Extra Curriculum


Information Communication Technology is embedded throughout our learning areas. Children are given opportunities to express ideas creatively using a variety of resources through media to explore dance, drama, technology, music and the arts.

Role Play

Our children engage in role play as a social activity to reflect on and develop their knowledge and understanding of a topic. It is used as an essential part of their learning. Diverse activities allow them to experiment, explore and investigate.



Our sensory rooms are specifically designed for children to help them develop and engage their senses. They experiment with an eclectic range of materials to enhance their sensory exploration, resulting in positive effects on their ability to interrelate with the world around them.


Music has tremendous powers to support the developing children in all aspects of their growing capacities. Our music sessions help children take an inner experience and convert it into a shared, creative one.

Montessori Method

We have incorporated the Montessori method so our children can enjoy a classroom and curriculum designed around their specific needs and abilities. Exercises for practical life are designed in a way that benefit children to perform daily chores. For example, pouring, transferring, beading and lacing enables them to explore through hands-on activities and enhance their fine motor skills.



All our children who attend school wear a practical and comfortable uniform. This helps our children have a sense of belonging to their school.

The school uniform is a combination of polo shirts, trousers and pullovers for both boys and girls.

  • Please ask for our school uniform details from the School Office.

Early Years Education Prospectus

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