• The City School is committed to helping all in the organisation to achieve the highest standards of professional excellence through offering and implementing contemporary teacher training and professional development programmes for teachers, school leaders and managers.
  • We understand the importance of staff development, training and individual learning is paramount to achieving organisational training goals. This is accomplished through general and targeted training.
  • The purpose of training and professional development is to:
    • Enable and encourage employees to work to their full potential to support the organization.
    • Ensure that all staff have the requisite knowledge and skills to perform their jobs effectively and in future.
    • Encourage each individual trainee to develop her/his school or other workplace to achieve its full potential and to meet the needs of the organisation.


Types of training

  • Internal Training: This is open to all City School teachers and leaders within the organisation.
  • International Training for TCS Staff delivered in Pakistan: These may be either trainings conducted by foreign trainers in Pakistan offering participation certificate only, or accredited trainings conducted by foreign/ local trainers in Pakistan.
  • International Training for TCS Staff delivered overseas: These are training programmes attended outside Pakistan with accredited certificate.


Mandatory Courses

  • Postgraduate Certificate Course (PGCC) mandatory for all teachers.
  • Certificate in Early Years Education (EYE) mandatory for all Early Years teachers.
  • Postgraduate Diploma Course (PGDC) mandatory for all SMs and HMs. Aspiring trainers / leaders / teachers with minimum three years of experience can be considered. PGCC and pass in APTIS will be a mandatory prerequisite.
  • Leadership and Management Programmed (LAMP) mandatory for SMs/HMs/Principals
  • INSET: mandatory for all TCS staff.
  • Need-based: mandatory for all TCS staff.
  • 20 Hours of Training by the School Head: mandatory for all school teachers.