Darakhshan Girls embark on an international tour

It was an exciting day for the Senior Girls Section at Darakhshan Campus on 10 January 2014 when a group of 21 adventurous Citizens set out on an international tour of Hong Kong and Bangkok. The group was accompanied by Mrs. Fauzia Noman (Senior Mistress) and a teacher, Mr. Muntazir Kazmi.

The incredible sight of Hong Kong International Airport immediately dispelled our Citizens’ travel fatigue. They were warmly welcomed by the tour guide, Mr. Kevin. He escorted our Citizens to a renowned local hotel where they were to stay for their trip. After checking into the hotel and revitalising themselves with a brief period of rest, the girls set of for their tour. Viewing Hong Kong in its entirety from the majestic Victorian peak was an experience of a lifetime. Later that day, the girls visited a local franchise of Madame Tussaud’s Museum where they enjoyed inspecting wax replicas of renowned celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Barack Obama, etc.

Day 2 had a number of surprises in store  for the group  as they were scheduled to visit the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. The girls were enchanted by the place and thought they were living in a fairytale!

Day 3 was even more exhilarating when our Citizens travelled by cable car to the Ocean Park atop a mountain. As they headed up, the air started to get colder but they were well prepared for such an occasion as they had been advised  to wear warm clothes. They spent the entire day on all sorts of roller coasters and other rides.

On Day 4, the girls visited a jewellery factory owned by the famous actor Jackie Chan. It was by far the location which appealed to them the most! From there, they had a tour of the city and also paid a visit to the Sky 100 Observation Deck.

Early morning on the fifth day, our Citizens departed for Thailand where they stayed at a renowned hotel in Bangkok. The Chao Phraya cruise was enthralling and the lavish dinner served during the cruise made their experience even more memorable. The following day, the girls set off from Dream World, once again going on wild rides and watching the Siam Niramit Show during the evening. They also enjoyed sightseeing and managed to shop without spending a lot of money! They bought souvenirs for their family and friends back in Pakistan.

It was 17 January 2014 and, finally, it was time to return home after a wonderful trip abroad. As the Senior Girls of Darakhshan Campus touched down on home ground in Karachi, it was time to reflect on  a trip which they will surely cherish memories of for the rest of their lives!