Clothing Drive 2019 for Akhuwat Clothes Bank

The City School organised a Clothing Drive for Akhuwat Clothes Bank (ACB) in the month of November, 2019 under its exclusive Youth Programmes with the objective to enhance students’ awareness about public welfare issues, endorse its values-based education programme, and ensure students’ contribution in a worthy community development project.

Akhuwat is an NGO that aims at alleviating poverty in Pakistan by granting interest-free micro financing to the Pakistani community living below poverty line. Akhuwat Clothes Bank (ACB) is an extension of Akhuwat micro-finance operating with the same model and philosophy. Akhuwat has 800 branches all over Pakistan which are dedicated to work for the underprivileged strata of Pakistan.

The Clothing Drive was organised by 16 campuses across the network, and our students generously donated nice clothes, shoes, toys, books, accessories, stationary and other household items for the cause. The items were packed, and then handed over to the ACB team. The students will be duly acknowledged by the ACB for their princely contributions through certificates and souvenirs. Our students may also volunteer for Akhuwat’s distribution activities in the underprivileged areas.

We are sure students’ involvement in such activities help them develop as socially responsible and empathetic citizens who are eager to give back to the society.