Clean and Green and plastic-free Pakistan

As part of the Clean and Green and plastic-free Pakistan initiative by the Prime Minister of Pakistan, The City School Youth Programme endeavours to plant trees across Pakistan to help fight against global warming.

“The City School is sincerely committed in its participation, through high-impact measures, in the global fight against climate change. We wish to create effective platforms for our students and their communities to be able to go the way of rising global youth leadership in shaping the narrative of this crisis. To this end, I am pleased to announce The City School, Clean and Green Campaign that includes initiatives such as a massive countrywide tree plantation drive and #MyPlasticFreeJourney’. Through this campaign, we wish to create a cadre of proactive stakeholders that make a tangible difference within their communities.

We are also proud to be the first private school network to collaborate with the Government in their tree plantation efforts on a countrywide scale and honoured to lend support by becoming caretakers of the saplings they entrust to us. I would like to personally encourage our schools’ leadership to lead the way for our students in ensuring that all the initiatives under this campaign are a success.”

“Aurangzeb Firoz – Chief Executive Officer, The City School”

“I am pleased with the proactive participation of The City School Network across Pakistan in the 10 Billion Tree Tsunami Project and the Prime Minister’s Clean and Green Drive through endeavours such as #MyPlasticFreeJourney.’ The Federal Ministry of Climate Change is happy to support this initiative through the supply of saplings to caretaker communities of students, teachers, and parents. The government welcomes such initiatives by civil society because together we are stronger.”

“Malik Amin Aslam, Federal Minister and Advisor to Prime Minister on Climate Change.”