The City School hosts Morning with Juggan

The spotlight turned on The City School Canal Campus when the PTV Outside Broadcasting vans rolled in on 10 September and set up their ‘studio’. The students were wide-eyed as preparations began for the popular daily show ‘Morning with Juggan’ to be telecast live direct from the school.

The City School hosts Morning with Juggan (10)

The special guest of the host Juggan Kazim was none other than Wasi Shah – renowned writer, poet and TV anchor.  The show focused on the role the environment plays in children’s learning as well as the importance of the home-school partnership. Wasi Shah and his two sons shared their day-to-day experiences of home and school in front of a rapt audience, made up of The City School students.

The backdrop of the show was the school and the students themselves – interacting with the host, answering questions and riddles, singing national songs, and playing educational games. They particularly enjoyed the healthy eating corner provided by the chef on the show.

The two-hour long live show highlighted key learning areas of The City School Early Years Education (EYE) programme: the Environment as a Third Teacher, and the Parent-School Partnership. The Headmistress and teachers were also interviewed on the show and explained how the emphasis on these two specific areas of learning contributed towards the holistic EYE programme at The City School.

It was an exciting experience for the students to be part of a live show being filmed by five cameras. At the end of the day, they presented a themed artwork to Juggan Kazim who expressed her appreciation for their efforts.