The City School partners with CENTURY to bring AI to Education in Pakistan

The City School Network has entered into a partnership with CENTURY Tech. CENTURY is a tried and tested intelligent intervention tool that combines artificial intelligence with the latest research in learning science and neuroscience.

The City School is bringing CENTURY for the first time to Pakistan. It uses Artificial Intelligence to customize the students’ learning targets.

This new collaboration ensures that quality of education in Pakistan is improved, through cutting edge technology.

CENTURY is individually directed towards each student and will be available nationwide to all The City School students from Grade 3 to O Level, from August 2020. It will be rolled out in all the campuses throughout the country.

This tool works by identifying gaps in students’ knowledge, addresses misconceptions and personalises content for each learner.

It also helps teachers to have access to easy to use data, reduce time used in marking and data entry and enables teachers to get access to 1,000s of learning resources. They can use the content and tutorials in class on projector and ICT Labs, assign homework from it and monitor progress of children.

The parents and children will also each have their login and password to access CENTURY, and as a result, the platform will be open to them.

CENTURY operates in 10 countries around the globe and has improved student performances by 30%. It receives over 40,000 resources recommendations every week and has helped schools get outstanding results across the world.

Through this partnership, The City School not only hopes that its students’ performances are drastically improved, but Pakistan also benefits as a country, by getting access to the latest cutting edge technology in education.

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