Past, Present and Future

The City School as a ‘training organization’ has always strived to achieve its philosophy of Continuous Human Resource Development put into place through quality professional development programmes and initiatives. Starting with need based workshops and a 2-day INSET programme since our inception in 1978, we at The City School are committed to achieving the highest standards of professional excellence by offering professional development programmes for Teachers, School Leaders, Managers and Senior Executives. Partnerships with foreign and national Universities for high quality world class professional development opportunities have, over the years, enabled us to develop a strong resource pool of qualified and accredited Master trainers who have been engaged in not just attending training programmes but course design, delivery and management for quality assurance.

Collaboration with University of Strathclyde, Scotland, UK in 1996 served as a foundation stone of developing trained human resource who not just improved their own classroom practices but cascaded the training received to their peers and colleagues. This 3-staged postgraduate level programme at Certificate, Diploma and Masters in Advanced Professional Studies prepared our teachers and school leaders to improve and strengthen their practices and perform qualitatively. This exciting development placed The City School system in the forefront of large-scale professional development administration. The system developed was described in an article in the UK ‘Times Educational Supplement’ by a Strathcyde University evaluator ‘A lesson from Pakistan’, TES, in the following terms.

“…if staff development is to be a key component of school improvement, if it is to be something that empowers teachers and makes schools more responsive, the Pakistan (i.e. The City School) experience has some lessons for us all.”

Department of professional development was established in 1990s not just to meet the in-house needs but to offer services outside The City School domain by producing competent and competitive human resources capable of contributing to the success of The City School and national prosperity at large. This has been achieved through public-private partnership model to enhance leadership in Government and semi-government schools, helping organisations set up their professional development programmes and strengthening the human resource through certified training offered nationally and to International clients at large over the period of more than two decades.

Learning from the Strathclyde experience we have collaborated with a number of foreign universities for various training programmes at all levels. Over 13,000 trainings have been provided to teachers/heads which has enabled The City School to distinguish itself from other schools in terms of teaching quality. More than 8000 employees in last one decade have received training on various programmes offered locally and through foreign qualification or accreditation.

All the training programmes offered are carefully designed and held keeping in mind the needs of the teachers and demands of the changing educational horizon and emerging philosophies. Training Needs Analysis forms the basis for the design and delivery of all training programmes.