Center for Educational Professional Development (CEPD)

At the Center for Educational Professional Development (CEPD) we work diligently to achieve The City School Vision 2025 and The City School Philosophy of ‘Continuous Human Resource Development’. Strategically, we are committed to building the capabilities, talents and effectiveness of the teaching faculty, school leaders and office management (our client) to produce instructional leaders through Creating Professional Development opportunities and support services by Engaging our client in an environment which Provides professional support for enhancement of teaching and learning standards and to Develop personnel for whole school development. Offering Continuous Professional Development opportunities greatly enables the teachers and school practitioners to efficiently gain the skills and knowledge required to incorporate new teaching and training methods within their course design and training programme. We empower our team to take pride in their work and instil confidence in their abilities to navigate through the process of self-discovery. This is a reversible approach to represent cascading of training programmes; which is extremely valuable in shaping school quality index.