Celebrating Values with Music

‘Celebrating Values with Music’, a regional music event, was organised on Thursday, 14 April 2016 at Regent Plaza Crown Hall, Karachi. The event was a collaborative effort of the Gulshan Network and Mr Amir Tariq (SRO Music Coordinator). The theme was decided, bearing in mind that the year 2016–17 has been declared as the ‘Year of Values’ by Group Chairperson.

Parents of the students were invited to the event along with the new admissions. The programme consisted of two segments and all the schools of Gulshan Network, Johar and Maymar participated in it. The children from all the levels showcased their talents by depicting day to day values through different musical performances. Both the segments comprised variety of displays and performances. The music, backdrops, costumes, everything was prepared with great detail and the children were well prepared and gave impeccable performances. The performances were based on the values that are a hallmark of The City School Network.

The parents, SRO Management and Heads of all Gulshan Network Schools attended the event and were highly impressed with the arrangements and students’ confidence and skills.