By Pakistanis, For Pakistanis: 100% Admission Fee Waiver

“I am to Learn” – a philosophy that has shaped the future of generations for over 42 years and continues to redefine the educational landscape.

In 1978, the first City School campus was built in Karachi with the mission to spread the light of knowledge in every city of Pakistan. Today with over 150 campuses and operations in 49 cities, The City School network continues to elevate the education paradigm.

While caring for the students, we have always strived to work closely with their parents and uplift the community. Our youth programmes and CSR initiatives have been reshaping the communities we serve in and are reflective of our values.

TCS Group not only preaches compassion but also practices it. We have remained steadfast in the face of adversity and turned every challenge into an opportunity. Continuing our legacy of excellence and empathy, The City School has announced to introduce 100% Admission Fee Waiver for the current admission season.

The initiative was taken in the continuity of our efforts to support the pandemic hit economy, ensuring that parents do not have to worry about their child’s future. Parents are encouraged to avail this offer ensuring a safe future for their children. Parents can find the registration link on the TCS website and are encouraged to revert with their queries.

The City School believes in leading by example and promoting a culture of harmony and compassion. We are not only an organization by Pakistanis but as evident from our history, we are for Pakistanis.