Bilal Zafar Khan secured 9 A*, 10 A, and 5 B grades in his O Level examination 2014.

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Bilal Zafar Khan, a student of The City School A Level Gulberg Campus, Lahore, has secured 9 A*, 10 A, and 5 B grades in his O Level examination 2014. Appearing in a total of 24 subjects, Bilal achieved this success with his hard work, determination, and a passion for studies. He has made his parent and the school immensely proud.

We talked to Bilal about his experiences, interests, aspirations and dreams and here is what he had to say:
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When did you join TCS and how has been the journey so far?

I have been a part of The City School Network for a long time. When I was in Class 5, my parents enrolled me at TCS Iqbal Campus, Sialkot. My father, who is in the army, preferred Iqbal Campus to all the other schools in the city because he found it to be the best school in the area. Then we moved to Nowshera where I was also enrolled at TCS, but I missed the atmosphere of Sialkot Campus a lot as I had a great time there.

At that time, a lot of army officers were enrolling their children at TCS because of the quality of teaching and the facilities available.

Which subjects interest you the most and why?

I like Science a lot, but Maths tops the list as I have a deep understanding of the subject and I enjoy solving complex problems. Finding the right answer to a complicated Mathematical problem is truly a rewarding experience and I enjoy it immensely. Business Studies is also a subject that interests me quite a lot and it was the first subject which I opted for.

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Why did you take on so many subjects in O Levels?

I opted for so many subjects because I wanted to set an academic record and make my parents proud. I also wanted to expand my learning horizon and not confine myself to just the compulsory subjects which are quite limited and, in some cases, boring. I wanted to learn as much as possible, so I opted for more than a dozen subjects which interested me.

What role did your teachers play in your success?

Teachers are important as they are the role models and guides who teach us a lot of things. For me, the most inspiring teachers were Sir Adnan (Chemistry), Ms Tabassum (English) and Sir Rauf (Maths) who helped me quite a lot in O-3. They were always there to guide us, making sure that the students understood the concepts taught in the classroom. However, no matter how hard the teachers try, I believe it is up to the students to work hard on a personal level and do their utmost to achieve success.

I must also acknowledge the support extended to me by Ms Sophia Burki, Principal A Level Campus Gulberg.

Were you given Guidance Counselling at your campus? Did it help?

I attended a Goal-setting Programme hosted by the school and I found it very helpful. It really motivated me to pursue my dreams of higher education and I really hope that the school will continue to arrange similar programmes and sessions from time to time to guide and motivate the students.

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Are you only focused on academics or do sports also have an important place in your life?

I have a passion for most sports – horse riding, swimming, tennis, squash, cricket, football. However, I feel that most of the focus is on football and cricket. There are other sports that need official support and encouragement. For example, I am an excellent swimmer and would really love to be given more training and to have advanced facilities for swimming.

What message will you give to your fellow students?

1)   Set your aims and priorities.

2)   Plan accordingly and always revise the day’s lessons at home.

3)   Divide your time well and learn about time management.

4)   Be motivated and determined and struggle hard to make your parents proud.

5)   Be an achiever, not just an average student. The passion should be visible in all your efforts.