Bilal Zafar Khan makes his mark

Bilal Zafar Khan makes his markThe City School A Level Campus Gulberg announces with great pride that its student Bilal Zafar Khan scored remarkably well in his CIE of October/November 2013. Bilal took 15 subjects in total, in which he scored 9 A*’s and 6 A’s. Details of his results are as follows:

Subjects                                                        Grades

Business Studies                                              A*

Accounting                                                         A*

Economics                                                           A*

Environment Management                         A*

World Geography                                            A*

Urdu                                                                      A*

Pakistan Studies                                               A*

Islamic Religion and Culture                         A*

Commercial Studies                                        A*

Commerce                                                          A

Statistics                                                              A

World History                                                    A

Travel and Tourism                                          A

Sociology                                                             A

Islamiyat                                                              A


He will also be appearing in 9 more subjects in May/June 2014:




Mathematics (Syllabus D)

Additional Mathematics

Computer Studies

English Language

Religious Studies (BK)

First Language Urdu


We hope he has similar success in the upcoming exams as well!


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