Bake Sale Activity

‘Crown Café’  and ‘Roy Carlos’: two competitors with one goal; to entice food lovers to their stalls and with their unique advertisement techniques  and market research and make the most sales.

Activity-based learning appeals to those who enjoy learning through doing.   It is fun and motivating for students and gives them scope for independent learning. It also inspires the students to apply their creative ideas, knowledge and minds in solving problems and promotes a healthy competitive spirit among them. To encourage this type of learning for the students at Jinnah Campus, Mr Zeeshan Ali Shah arranged an hour-long ‘ Bake Sale Activity’ in the main grounds of the campus.

The students vied with each other to offer the best service to the customers and attracted more by introducing a variety of games and catchy slogans.

Each group had a different colour code. Also, the theme of the stalls varied greatly; where  ‘Crown Café’ took a traditional approach in decorating their stall, ‘Roy Carlos’ made their stall look more modern. The thrill and excitement took the competition to the next level where students used unusual strategies to raise funds.

It was a great activity which helped the students to develop a practical sense of running a business and overcoming the difficulties that arise from the targeted audience.

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