Attock Model United Nations

The City School Attock Model United Nations (CSAMUN) was successfully held from 1 to 3 January 2016. The conference was attended by schools not only from Attock, but also from nearby areas and even Islamabad.

The decision to host the first ever MUN to be held in the Attock district was taken in October 2015. The immense support extended by Regional Director North Shireen Jawaid was instrumental in making this conference a resounding success. To start the preparations, Vice-Principal TCS Attock Miss Muneeba Khalid finalised the Executive Council and delegated tasks to the students according to their leadership qualities. Soon afterwards, the Directorate and the host team started exhaustively working on this project. A website was setup and registrations were declared open. Secretary General Irfad Imtiaz and Director General Ummal Baneen sent invitations to different schools and colleges for participation and received a positive response.

The conference started on 1 January and featured three committees: Counterterrorism, United Nations Security Council and Pakistan National Assembly. Experienced Chairpersons were invited from Karachi, Islamabad and Peshawar and they expertly handled the first time MUN attendants and shaped them into great debaters.

Entertainment sessions were also conducted to help the delegates concentrate better. A New Year Carnival was organised on 1 January by the Social Events team, under the leadership of Manahil Aamir who won 2nd prize at the World Space Week Debating Competition. The scavenger hunt and bonfire were the highlights of the carnival.

On the eve of 2 January, a live concert was organised. The students and guests enjoyed themselves to the fullest, finding it a good break from the strenuous debating sessions held in the morning. The concert was also broadcast live on FM 98.1 and Attock Radio.

Finally on 3 January, all three committees passed resolutions and the students learnt how to deal with international problems with diplomacy and how to avoid creating hostility. Outstanding debaters won awards, which were handed out at the farewell dinner.

The security team took great lengths to ensure that the festivities were carried out in a safe environment. As the Vice-Principal was in contact with the District Police Officer Attock City and Member of National Assembly, policemen guarded the campus over the course of the event. The security team consisted of students who, under the leadership of Hani Ali and Ammar Ahmed, helped the police maintain discipline inside the campus.

Model UN conferences are held in the main cities of Pakistan quite frequently. Unfortunately, no such opportunity is available to students in remote towns and rural areas of Pakistan. The CSAMUN gave this unique learning opportunity to the students of Attock. In the coming years, TCS Attock Campus looks forward to the participation of schools from all over Pakistan and beyond. The school is in contact with HELA, an NGO in Afghanistan focusing primarily on education, and hope to expand CSAMUN to an international level next year.