Arts Fest—Capital Campus, Islamabad

The Arts Fest, an exciting new initiative by the flagship Capital Campus of the Northern Region, was organised from 20–21 October 2016. The event was designed to encourage students to participate in various arts. Over two days, students of Class 6 to A Levels demonstrated their skills and talents in the literary, performing and visual arts.

More than 300 students were involved in the preparation, rehearsals, management and performances, under the guidance of the Arts Fest Director Heela Arkanzai (A-2). There were artists, actors, poets, singers, hosts and the all-important support committees, who were responsible for art and photography displays, backstage, makeup and costumes, management, and security.

The English and Urdu poetry recitals were quite impressive and the works of Robert Frost, William Wordsworth, Iqbal, a sonnet by William Shakespeare presented by Class 6 students, along with their own work was extraordinary.

The six excerpts from five of William Shakespeare’s plays – Julius Caesar (A Levels), The Merchant of Venice (O Level Boys), Macbeth (Prep Girls), King Lear (O Level Girls) and Romeo and Juliet (A Levels)–were performed brilliantly by Prep, O and A Level students. Also, the humorous version of Romeo and Juliet by O Level Boys was well-received by the audience.

In this, the four hundredth anniversary year of Shakespeare’s death, the atmosphere around the stage– with much enthusiasm and applause – could well be compared to that of the original Globe theatre on London’s Embankment in the sixteenth century. There were also excerpts from modern plays in both English and Urdu – including the moving ‘Bang, Bang–You’re Dead’ by Prep Girls and Urdu plays by A Level and O Level Girls. Traditional dances, folk songs and the A Level qawwali by led by the superb Mirza Hamza Nasir were also thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The first Arts Festival came to an end with the release of balloons with words like ‘creative, magical, exciting, etc written on them.

After this year’s wonderful experience and feedback, we will invite all TCS Northern Region schools to participate in the Arts Fest 2017.