Art Exhibition at Darakhshan Campus

At the end of the second term, an Art Exhibition was held at the Junior Section of Darakhshan Campus where the artwork made by all the students was displayed. The young artists used a variety of techniques, forms and mediums to express their ideas. They used papier-mâché to make lamps and masks, artefacts of the Indus Civilisation were made using clay and for Greek plates, plaster of Paris was used. The exhibit also included ’3D Floral Art’ and ‘Remaking of Van Gogh Abstract’.

Parents appreciated the efforts of the art teachers, Ms Nilofar and Ms Umm-e-Hani, who brought out the best in each child and instilled in them the love for art.

The City School emphasises on art and creative activities, as studies show that there is a correlation between art and achievement in other disciplines. In a report published by Americans, it was found out that students who participate regularly in art related activities are more likely to be recognised for academic achievements in subjects such as maths, science and languages as compared to people who do not participate in such activities.