Art and Culture Festival 2018

The City School Head Office, Lahore launched Pakistan’s first interactive Art and Culture Festival on Saturday March 17th. The aim of the Festival was to bring both traditional and the latest technology in art and culture to the people of Lahore. In collaboration with the Institute of Art and Culture, The City School sourced many artisans who have skills handed down for generations and were here in Lahore to give everyone an opportunity to explore and learn new talents. The event was toured, and officially opened by Chief Guest Senator Captain Shaheen Khalid Butt and the panel discussions looked at ways of further promoting art and culture in a fascinating debate with the guests of honour: The Lord Mayor of Lahore – Col. Mubashir Jawaid, Mr Kamran Lashari, Professor Sajda Vandal and Professor Parvaiz Vandal and Mrs Fiona Hallworth. The Regional Director (CR) of The City School thanked not only the Institute of Art and Culture but all the sponsors: Paramount, Pelikan, PPP, UHU, SimSim FINCA, MCB, Nestle, FM91 for their live radio coverage.