Annual Teacher Appreciation Day 2015 at Darakhshan Campus

The real reward for teachers is the success and achievement of their students. Darakhshan Campus organised a Teachers’ Appreciation Day on 16 May 2015 to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of its dedicated faculty. The event was held at the Movenpick Hotel in Karachi. After a long and strenuous academic session, the teachers deserved a pat on their back and the gifts and awards given to them proved to be a great source of motivation. The teachers who had completed 10 years with TCS and those with full attendance were awarded shields. Special awards were given to the Editorial staff of Darakhshan Times and to Mr Younis Ansari, whose student achieved Top in Karachi award in the subject Principles of Accounts.

The highlight of the event was the crowning of the Lady and Gentleman of the Evening. Seeing everyone dressed their best, the judges wished they had more crowns to award. Indeed it was a proud moment for all at Darakhshan Campus and will go a long way in motivating the staff to continue their efforts and to achieve the highest standards of excellence.