Achievement at All Pakistan Debating Society

The Capital Campus Islamabad A’ Levels Team has ranked Number 1 in the official All Pakistan Debating Society of Pakistan’s tournament held at SICAS.

 The CCI Team consisting of Arooba Ahsan, Bilal Waraich, Raamiz Khan Niazi and Yashar Khan, won their matches against teams from schools like Aitchison College, SICAS and Beaconhouse Defence Campus. As far as individual rankings are concerned, Bilal Waraich was ranked as Best Speaker of the tournament and Arooba Ahsan and Yashar Khan were ranked at No. 2 and No. 6, out of the top 10 respectively. No other school has had three of their speakers in the top 10. 

For the first time ever, the Debating Society of Pakistan (DSP) has elected one educational institution of Pakistan-The City School to host both the Junior Nationals (February 14-17, 2020) and the Senior Nationals (November 15-18, 2019) at Capital Campus Islamabad and Ravi Campus Lahore. This is a moment of pride for the entire The City School community!