What is Values Education?

  • The City School’’s unique Values Education programme sets out to promote high quality effective learning experiences for all students, where our values are reflected in our philosophy, curriculum, classrooms and relationships, and are expressed in the everyday actions and interactions within our schools.
  • Every decision relating to curriculum and every interaction that takes place in a school reflects the values of the individuals involved and the collective values of the institution.
  • In The City School we give great importance to the values that we all deem are important to us, our school, our community and our nation. It is by upholding these values and by acting on them that we are able to live together and thrive.
  • Through their learning experiences students develop their ability to express their own values, explore with empathy the values of others, critically analyse values and actions based on them, and discuss agreements that arise from differences in values. They learn to make ethical decisions and to act on them.
  • All our teachers understand that teaching positive human values (e.g. respect, honesty, compassion, humility and responsibility) improves the quality of education in schools.

What are our Core Values?

The Values-based Education Programme promotes and encourages the 12 core values (below) but also identifies ‘sub-set’ values to encompass every stream of the student’s life in school, at home and in their community.

These values are introduced through assembly presentations  and  are incorporated into all lesson plans.













Values Education