• The ICTech Curriculum is based on the best practices in learning and teaching with technology to improve higher order thinking skills of students to prepare them for their future in a competitive global job market. In this curriculum, technology is used as a tool to integrate 21st century competencies and expertise such as communication, leadership, critical thinking, complex problem solving and collaboration in different subjects.
  • The purpose of technology integration at The City School is to inculcate the technical skills within all curricula to help learners moving on their journey towards digital literacy through the use, management, and understanding of technology.


ICTech Curriculum

  • The ICTech curriculum is structured in a way that engages students at two levels: technical and practical. Students should not only learn to use technology (technical aspect), but they should also be able to utilise it in other activities referred to as its practical aspect (e.g. in research, publishing, designing and prediction).
  • The core of computing is computer science, in which pupils are taught the principles of information and computation, how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through programming.
  • ICTech activities integrate a range of technology skills into student learning: Word Processing, Programming, Photo Editing, Animation, Spreadsheets, Desktop Publishing, Internet, Databases, Operating Systems, Robotics and Presentation skills. These ICTech activities enhance skills in subject areas such as Language, Mathematics, Geography, Science, Social Studies and Arts.


International Standards Mapping of ICTech:


In essence, our major focus is to transform our students into:

  • Technology Explorers
  • Innovative Designers
  • Computational Thinker
  • Robot Programmer
  • Digital Citizen
  • Data Analyst
  • Creative Writer
  • Knowledge Constructor