Academic Scholarships

High achievement has always been recognised at The City School and we offer A Level scholarships for those achieving 5A*/As and above at O Level (or the Matric equivalent). The table below demonstratesthe academic criteria for awarding scholarships. In addition:

  • Students from all schools outside The City School Network are equally eligible
  • Scholars must not be more than 17 years old when sitting their O Level examinations
  • Candidates for scholarships must be able to demonstrate a good moral character
  • The Head or Principal of the School endorses the scholarship application


For A Level Scholarships are based on CIE O Level ResultsGrade criteriaScholarship
8A*/A and above100%
7 A*/A75%
6 A*/A50%
5 A*/A25%
For A2 scholarship based on CIE AS Level results only(+3ás or more)100%
2As 1B (no E or U)in Mid-Year and Mocks50%


Students who have been awarded scholarships have had outstanding success in their A Levels (see more here), gaining further university scholarships, entry to top world universities and in their subsequent careers.

Sports Scholarships

Scholarships for excellence in sports is awarded on a yearly basis on a first come, first served basis to students who have been with the system for a minimum of 12 months.

A total of 5 scholarships of 50% and a total of 5 scholarships of 25% for each region will be available in every academic year from 1st August to 30th July for National and International Achievements.


Scholarship CriteriaScholarship
National and International Achievements50% Waiver on Tuition Fee
Provincial achievements25% Waiver in Tuition Fee


We have had students who have played in a wide range of sports at impressive levels.


The fee structure at TCS varies with each of our campuses and is related to the size, facilities and location of the campus. So once you have chosen an A level Campus near you, we then recommend you contact the school directly here where the fees applicable at that campus will be described. It is important to remember that there are at some campuses additional costs for use of laboratories and for all campuses the cost of the A level exams and books. The fee starts from Rs.20000.

Admissions Criteria

The Head or Principal will always interview potential A Level students to identify the subjects most suited to your skills, abilities and aspirations; and the outcome of this interview, alongside your O Level results, will determine admission so that A Levels most suited to your skills, abilities and aspirations are identified.We also require a confidential report from the Head of your previous school. The minimum O Level grade requirements are as follows:
• A minimum of C grade in English
• A minimum of 1 B and 2 C grades in the subjects the student intends to study
N.B. Students electing A Level subjects not studied at O Level must have a minimum overall B grade in O Levels.

EFU Life

The City School enjoys collaboration with many organisations and their relationship with EFU brings many advantages to students and their families. The first is if your family is an EFU Life policy holder, you will benefit from a 50% admission fee and 4 months fee waiver in your first year and a one month fee waiver in the second year. There are also opportunities for a few students in each region to enjoy one of the following: 2 month tuition fee refund and the top O Level achievers may be selected for short educational visits overseas, paid for by EFU.

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