FAQs for O and A-Levels Admissions


1) Does your school help the students with placements?

A-Level branches have a full-time career placement office to assist the students in every sphere and the services of one of the country’s leading counselling consultants is always available, so everyone benefits from specialist help.

2) Will there be any coaching for SAT in school?

Yes, in all our major A-Level Campuses e.g. DHA Campus, Faisalabad A-Level Campus and Ravi Campus. We have a reputation of very high student attainment in SAT scores with several gaining full marks.

3) What probability is there for your students to get into leading universities of Pakistan and abroad?

The City School offers GCE O & A Levels set by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) to its students which have an excellent reputation in Pakistan and across the globe. Its students are trained as all-rounders, are competent and easily enrolled in the leading universities of Pakistan and abroad. The equivalence process ensures equal access to all the leading universities.

4) What are the incentives for TCS students enrolling in various renowned universities of Pakistan and abroad?

Our counsellors help our students attain scholarships in Pakistan and in universities across the globe. In 2016-17 students gained scholarships in 19 countries and 25 universities overseas.


5) Is boarding available in schools?

No; all our campuses are for day time students only.

6) Do you offer a gym facility to O and A Level students?

Usually yes, and if not on campus at facilities nearby.

7) Is there an air conditioner facility for O and A Level students?


8) What are the special features of O and A Level campuses?

  • Spacious classrooms, designed for A level teaching styles
  • State-of the-art science and ICT Labs
  • Recreation areas
  • Common rooms
  • Cafeteria
  • Sports
  • Well-resourced libraries

For purpose built campuses we also offer:

  • Gymnasium

Conference rooms/auditorium for concerts and plays


9) Which subjects are being offered in A Levels?

A Levels

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  • Math, Further Math
  • Economics, Accounting, Business Studies
  • Psychology, Law, History, Environmental Management, Sociology,
  • English Literature, English Language, Urdu, ICT/Computer Science
  • Art and Design, Media Studies, Global Perspectives and Research

Some subjects have specific entry requirements eg Math A/A* at O level

O level subjects include:  8 Compulsory subjects, we offer a wide range of subjects leading towards emerging fields such as, English Literature, Sociology, Add-Math, Art & Design, and Environmental Management.

10) What subject options are going to be offered?

This varies from school to school so please contact them directly or attend an Open House Event.

11) What is the criteria for a new subject offered at school?

Usually an interest in the subject. Some subjects require math.

12) Do you offer extra subjects in O Level?

Yes, Along with 8 compulsory subjects, we offer a wide range of subjects leading towards emerging fields such as, English Literature, Sociology, Add-Math, Art & Design, and Environmental Management.

13) How many subject combinations do you offer in O Level?

We offer two main streams; the Science Group and the Business Group.

Science Group: Physics, Chemistry, Bio/Computer Science

Business Group: Principles of Accounts, Economics, Business Studies/Computer Science.

14) Can students change subjects?

Yes, within two weeks after the commencement of regular session of class 9 or year 12.


15) When will the challan forms be issued?

In August, after the O Levels result.

17) Is the fee structure same in all campuses of TCS? How can I find information about fee structure at different campuses?

No, the fee varies from campus to campus. The fees are very competitive with other educational institutions. The City School is a large organisation and so is able to provide cost-effective high quality education.

18) Are there any sample admission tests available?


19) Can I visit class rooms before admission?

Yes, by making a prior appointment with the respective school/Branch office. Some schools are able to let you attend “sample lessons”.

20) Is there any registration fee for appearing in CIE?

Yes, almost 9000/- per subject plus a nominal amount for registration with CIE.


21) Where can I find information about the size of TCS‘s student body student/teacher ratio and different branches across the Network?

There is one employee for every 10 students across the country. Class ratios depend on the age of the students; 1:16 for the youngest and up to 1:30 in popular subjects for older students. Many classes are small.

22) Are students allowed to carry mobile phones?

Students up until O Level are not allowed, but A Level students have a permission to bring cell phones to schools.

23) Are students going to appear for AS?

Yes, it is City School policy that student takes the AS Level examinations in Class 12. In exceptional circumstances some students may opt to take the composite papers in Class 13.

24) Is there a uniform for A Level students?

Students are required to come to school in uniform from Monday-Thursday, Friday is a non-uniform day.

25) Is there any bus service for pick and drop?

No, but some families organise joint transport for their children.

26) What hygiene measures are taken for the campus canteen/cafeteria?

All school cafeterias are run by independent vendors and inspected by the school management which is why quality, hygiene and cleanliness is ensured.

27) What security measures are taken at each campus?

Each of our campuses has a security supervisor, 8 feet long barbed walls, CCTV and metal detectors. Moreover, our major campuses also have CCTV camera operatives and walkthrough gates.

28) Is the school environment healthy?

Yes, as well as safe and secure

29) What is the O/A Level equivalence policy?

Kindly visit TCS official website. Matric students can apply to study A Level.

30) Is the student council selected or elected?

Varies from campus to campus. The City School encourages students to take on responsibility for others, events and clubs and societies. These experiences are valued by universities and employers.

31) Where is my campus located?

Kindly visit TCS official website www.thecityschool.edu.pk where you will find the Google pin. You can also find out more about your school from their FB page and the link to FB is also on the website.

32) What is the frequency of internal exams?

AS and A Level students take a school-based examination in December (at the school’s discretion) and a unified Mock examination in March/April.

33) How many years does it take to complete O Level?

We offer a 3-year programme starting in Class 9 and ends in Class 11.

34) Do you make students appear in final Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) in one attempt at a stretch?

No, our students appear in Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies and Urdu at the end of Class 10 in June and at the end of Class 11 they appear for the rest of the subjects.

35) Do you offer Matric?

Yes we do, but in specific Campuses. For example, MTLC and Muslim Town.

36) How does O Level becomes equivalent to Matric?

A+ = 90, A= 85.B=75, C=65, D=55, E=45. Eight compulsory subject become equivalent to Matric.

37) What is the scope of O Level inside and outside Pakistan?

O Level is an extensive and conceptual study which provides good foundation for our students to become independent learners. Being an international certification, it is equally recognised in Pakistan and across the world.

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