The City School offers special on campus facilities to its O & A Level students, ensuring a first class experience. The classrooms are all air-conditioned and there are specialist rooms for practical work in art, science, design, technology and music lessons.  A Level work requires independent learning and so students enjoy the ambience and academic environment of the well-stocked libraries. The Computer Laboratories offer state-of-the-art hardware and software to support those studying ICT as well as those using the resources for studying. There is always trained and qualified staff to assist. Science at A Level has a considerable practical element and students have access to fully equipped laboratories and the modern scientific equipment available for directed and independent research.

In non-timetabled lesson time, students make the most of the well-furnished common rooms which have audio-visual facilities and a wide range of recreational activities.


O and A Level students are offered the following sports at The City School:

  1. Cricket
  2. Basketball
  3. Football
  4. Table Tennis
  5. Tug of War
  6. Handball
  7. Jujitsu
  8. Karate
  9. Badminton
  10. Touch Ball (Girls only)
  11. Throw ball (Girls only)

Sports inculcate discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, accountability and teamwork among students.

Every student at The City School is encouraged to participate in the following in-house games:


Such sports activities give students a feel of The City School community, along with contributing to healthy brain development and personality.


The City School students are also encouraged to participate in various renowned sports contests organised by different organisations.

A few of The City School students’ recent achievements include:

Punjab Olympic Games 2017

In Punjab Olympic Games around 200 government and private schools participated from all over Punjab. The City School students, both boys and girls, participated in 20 games and clenched laurels.

  1. Overall 3rd Position in Punjab Olympic Games 2017
  2. 52 Gold Medals
  3. 41 Silvers Medals
  4. 28 Bronze Medals


International Sports Tournaments:

The City School students from Central Region participated in U-17 “Mediterranean International Cup 2017” held in Barcelona, Spain. Around 280 Countries from across the world participate in this tournament each year.


  Organisation Background Summer Programme
1 CARE Foundation CARE Foundation, an educational not-for-profit organization provides education to the underprivileged children of Pakistan. Students can opt for one of the three options:


1. Curriculum Development — students with help of Academic Coordinators devise exciting lesson plans and project outlines for the upcoming academic year.
2. Teacher Training — CARE team prepares an extensive curriculum and interns are required to assist a supervisor in training the local government school teachers with their communication skills.
3. Fundraising — students will be given pledge books through which they are required to collect funds for the organisation.


2 Shaukat Khanam Hospital Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre is a chain of research-oriented tertiary level oncology hospitals in Pakistan Students will be enrolled in different departments of the hospitals as internees.
3 Sun Rise Institute The largest Institute in Pakistan providing education, speech therapy, physic, hydro and sensory integration therapy, vocational training, physiotherapy and speech therapy.


A rehabilitation center in the community currently treating more than 500 children with intellectual (cognitive) impairment cerebral palsy and autism.

The summer internship begins in the month of July each year. During this internship programme young girls and boys from different institutions join Sun Rise  Institute as volunteers. This serves a dual purpose as children at this institute make new friends and learn to associate with other people while the interns learn about these special people and their unique world.
4 Kashaf Foundation Kashaf Foundation is Pakistan’s first specialized microfinance institution which was created with the aim to alleviate poverty by providing a suite of high quality affordable financial and non-financial services to low income households, especially women, in order to build their capacity and enhance their economic role. Kashaf offers three types of internships:


–  General Internship Programmes

– Project/Department specific

– Field Assignments

5 Spirit of Math Spirit of Math is an innovative leader in mathematics education, offering a system of after-school math classes for high-performing and gifted students. One-week math programmes creating a full-day of learning fun, often combining Spirit of Math with complementary topics including engineering, robotics, chess and more.
6 Ali Institute Vacation school is a yearly activity of CPDC that brings together teachers, students and professionals. It allows professionals to update their knowledge and acquire up- to- date skills for a global, challenging world. Courses/workshops include Educational Planning and Management, Educational Methodology, Classroom Management. Montessori, Science and Maths Education, Language Improvement, Learning through Art, Subject Based Teaching Skills, Learning and Assessment and many other courses on Professional Development and Capacity Building.
7 FAS TUBE MILLS FAS Tube Mills & Engineering Industries is one of the leading brands in Pakistan for providing safe and updated LPG Equipment. The internship begin in June/July associated with:

·         Engineering

·         Accounts

·         Management

Students can choose as per their interest.

8 History Project Led by Cambridge graduate Ayyaz Ahmad, and Asia21 Emerging Leader, ​Qasim Aslam, THP has established a positive impact in an attitudinal change amongst students towards marginalised and ‘otherized’ groups through M&E run by Asad Liaqat (PhD candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School) under the supervision of Dr. Asim Khawaja (Professor of Finance and Development at the Kennedy School). Beyond the classrooms invigorating two weeks journey shakes the notion of a rigid right / wrong in the minds of students and empowers them with critical objectivity to analyse themselves and the world around them.
9 PLAN 9 Plan 9 (Largest tech incubator of Pakistan) in collaboration with Information Technology University (ITU)  is organising a one month Summer Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, where you get to experience life as an entrepreneur. 1. WhizKids program (Grade 6 – O Levels)

2. Summer Entrepreneurship Boot Camp (Grade 12 and A levels)


10 City 42 City 42 is a Lahore-based news channel which broadcasts news and information about latest happenings and events in the city of Lahore. Students interested in media or who wish to pursue their career in media studies may opt for City 42.

Duration varies from 1 to 2 months.

11 WWF WWF-Pakistan is one of the leading international organizations working for the conservation and protection of environment in Pakistan.


 Modules include:

1.     Nature Photography

2.     Biodiversity of Pakistan

3.      Basic Survival Training

4.     Tent Pitching

5.     Presentation Skills

6.     Social Media for Conservation

7.     Corporate Sustainability

8.     Solid Waste Management

9.     Eco Designing

10.  Documentary Making

11.  Volunteer work at WWF- Head Office

12.  Community Service Letter

12 Lahore Polo Club Lahore Polo Club is one of the oldest clubs in the world which arranges polo matches and offers a stadium, arena and sports venue Each year different summer programmes are offered
13 Youth Impact Youth Impact is a non-profit organisation dedicated at developing leadership potential in the youth. Its seeds lie in the passion of internationally qualified youth trainers, outdoor educators and youth who wish to channel their energy for a better future. Each year different summer programmes are offered


China Language Camp

A group of talented students from all across The City School Central Region were selected to participate in an exciting Language and Cultural Summer Camp (5 – 21 August 2015) in China. There they learnt the unique Chinese language, calligraphy, painting, singing and the history of the country at first hand. The students indulged in Taiji (traditional Chinese shadow boxing) class for self-defence, excursion trips to The Forbidden City, the Zhujiaojiao Ancient Town, a Huangpu Cruise and The Great Wall of China; which had a breath-taking view. Kudos to Shamael, Sufyan, Hassan, Bilal, Jarrar, Nayhan, Haris, Muhammad Arsalan, Hamza and Shanzay who represented our school on the international platform, 祝好运!


China IT Summer Camp

On 13 August 2015, Abdullah Munir and Maaz-ud-din of The City School flew to China to attend the Seeds for the Future IT Summer Camp sponsored by Huawei. The fifteen day summer camp gave the students the unique opportunity to learn about the Chinese language and culture, and cutting-edge telecommunication technologies such as 3G, 4G and 5G which are spurring a revolution in the modern world. The leisure side of the trip included a breath-taking view of the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City and the Chinese Culture City.


34th and 35th International Arab Youth Congress (IAYC)

The National Centre for Culture & Arts under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Noor Al Hussein holds International Arab Youth Congress each year in Amman, Jordan.

The City School’s delegation is being selected since the past two years (2015 and 2016) by the Pakistani Embassy to represent our country in this event.

IAYC is an annual international cultural programme held in August. It gathers youth from around the world for a week of learning and cultural interaction. The event provides a forum for the students to engage in dialogue, exchange of experiences and cooperative initiatives enabling them to promote effective collaboration.



  • Music Club
  • Opportunities to explore and create sounds are provided on regular basis.
  • Classes are offered to learn different percussions and strings instruments.
  • Eastern and western vocal trainings are conducted after assessing the skills and capabilities of the individuals.
  • Famous musicians and singers are invited to interact with the students.
  • Students are made to participate in various in-house and external competitions e.g. The City School’s Soul of Pakistan Contest, All Pakistan Music Conference etc.


The City School students have performed on various prestigious national and international platforms and have won many competitions.


A few of the achievements include:

  • A Level students rocked at National Grammar School’s mega event and won 5 musical categories among 40 plus teams including BDC, SISA, LACAS, LGS and Roots and many other school teams. Our students won the following awards:
    • Best Eastern Solo Singing  – Ali Haider Bokhari
    • Best Western Solo Singing – Ali Noor
    • 1st Position, Western Battle of the Bands
    • 1st Position, Eastern Battle of the Bands
    • Best Team Trophy
  • A Level student won 1st prize at BSS Opera Inter School Naat Competition among 15 teams from BSS and other schools
  • A Level student won a Consolation Prize at All Punjab Heer Singing Competition 2016 held at Punjab Complex, Lahore
  • The City School students clenched medals in All Pakistan Music Conference 2016 in folk, ghazal, classical and semi-classical



In collaboration with renowned local artists and directors, drama workshops are organized in A level schools. Interested students are trained according to their aptitude and given choices to become a part of the production team.

The City School students present many theatrical productions in Alhamra Arts Council and Ali Auditorium each year. A few hit examples include Run for your Wife and Caught in the Net.