Sociology – 9699

Sociology is the study of society. Students of Sociology learn how to understand and explore social issues (both extant and emerging), and in turn devise a greater understanding of social order and the diverse narratives that exist within it. They study issues ranging from inequality and marginalisation of different groups on factors such as class, race and gender, to how reality is constructed through the influence of invisible forces such as the mass media.

At The City School, the teaching of Sociology is undertaken with the objective of developing skills such as critical inquiry, research methodologies, and equipping students with an understanding of the interdisciplinary socioeconomic, cultural, familial and political forces, which collectively form our social reality.


How is the subject taught at The City School?

At The City School, we try to make our Sociology classes as interactive and activity driven as possible by using a combination of in-class and experiential learning methodologies. In the Sociology classes, students are taught both how to create and design a research initiative, and learn field experimentation and post-research analytical tools as well. Our classes are collaborative, and students are taught the importance of teamwork, which is the essence of learning, in the 21st century and for becoming lifelong learners. We ensure that students are immersed in the research-oriented side of the subject, while also developing academic writing and critical thinking. These are a prerequisite for them to score top grades in their CAIEs

Importance of the Subject for Higher Studies and University Programmes

For students planning to apply for university, Sociology is an excellent choice as one of their A- level subjects. Since the subject itself is already research-oriented, students will be able to develop, plan and carry out research design, which is an integral part of university coursework. The subject also helps students develop their academic writing ability, which is one of the primary skill-sets during undergraduate studies. Moreover, Sociology students tend to be socially aware, politically updated, culturally and emotionally intelligent individuals who are also empathetic All of these are highly valued by colleges and universities abroad and in Pakistan. Students can go on to pursue careers in Economic, Law, Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology, Academia, Media, Journalism, Politics, Race and Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Linguistics, Historical and Antiquity Studies and Education.

The subject is being offered at

Central Region:

A Level Campus Gulberg Lahore, Chenab Campus Faisalabad, DHA Campus Lahore, Ravi Campus, Sialkot Campus

Northern Region:

E-11 Campus, Islamabad, Peshawar Campus, Capital Campus, Islamabad

Southern Region

PAF Chapter, Gulshan A Level, North Nazimabad A Level, Darakhshan A Level, Jinnah Campus Hyderabad


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