History – 9389

History enables us to understand our surroundings. It allows us to correlate past with present and anticipate the future course of events. It helps us understand people, society and cultures. It further develops an understanding of how societies change and came into existence. Moral understanding of events helps us to differentiate between ‘what happens/ed’ and ‘what ought to happen’. It gives us a sense of our own identities.


How is the subject taught at The City School?

At The City School, our prime goals in offering History to A Level is to inculcate and develop an ability to evaluate historical evidence, assess conflicting interpretations of historical events, and assessing past events and experiences. We hope to create a well-informed individual with a capacity to interpret human experience.  A wide variety of text and electronic sources are used to describe various topics to our students. These include original works of classical historians, the understanding of ideologies, authentic first hand sources and recommended text books.

Importance of the Subject for Higher Studies and University Programmes

International and local universities expect their students to have well-rounded personalities. History does this. It also opens a wide range of career options ranging from mass communications to the civil services, legal professionals to social work, and practical politics to teaching. In short, variety of personal and professional options are open for students with History major or minor degrees at university level.

The subject is being offered at

Central Region:

A Level Campus Gulberg, Ravi Campus Lahore

Northern Region:

Capital Campus, Islamabad


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