Further Mathematics – 9231

The key focus of this subject is on the wide range of problem-solving techniques, the mathematical language that is required to achieve certain results and the method of modelling of real-life problems. Furthermore, it develops a set of transferable skills, which include, mathematical modelling for problem solving using quantitative datasets, as well as the ability to think logically and independently. It develop scientific and empirical rigour to analyse results, generate solutions and suggest feedback on findings. Students can apply these skills across a wide range of subjects. The skills equip them well for progression to higher education or directly into employment. Students will find that the additional time spent studying this subject also has an interdisciplinary appeal, as it will also augment their understanding of A Level Mathematics (9709) as well.


How is the subject taught at The City School?

At the City School, we ensure that students are provided with the facilities and teaching support required to tackle all 4 subject papers well. These are Pure Mathematics, Mechanics, Probability and Statistics. Since A Level Further Mathematics is  based on rational thought, it is a good opportunity for students from across subject groups such as business, sciences and the humanities to pursue this subject during A Level and to develop their mental ability. It will help those taking up the calculus courses during their first year of university. At The City School, we also provide the flexibility of students being able to choose for AS Level Further Mathematics with two different options: either Paper 1 and Paper 3 or Paper 1 and Paper 4.

Importance of the Subject for Higher Studies and University Programmes

Further Mathematics is a great option for students to pursue during A levels as for some university programmes, students can gain extra credit for this course. It is one of the most challenging subject that actually covers university level concepts. It is also the most rewarding as its applicability is instantly realized and highly valued once students join university. It enables students to show themselves as competent mathematicians in their applications for university and future employment. Universities acknowledge that the student took a challenging subject during their A Levels. This may give a favourable impression in their applications, especially for STEM students.  The universal value of the subject leads to students having the option of pursuing various careers paths including, Actuarial Sciences, Accounts, Data Analytics, Finance and Investments, Research, Academia, Computing Technology, Engineering, Software and Systems Development, Economics, Social Science and Statistics among others.

The subject is being offered at

Central Region:

DHA Campus Lahore, Ravi Campus Lahore

Southern Region

PAF Chapter Karachi


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