English Literature-9695

The syllabus for A Level comprises of 4 papers: P1, P2, P3 and P4.

Each paper consists of two components spanning from 14th century literature to modern times. Overall, the students are required to study eight set texts from the given selection of various genres: Prose, Poetry and Drama.


How is the subject taught at The City School?

At The City School the primary focus is on developing the students’ informed personal yet balanced response to the texts. They are informed about the time period, socio-economic and geo-political background and its significant impact on the writers and the texts.  Comparisons are drawn with modern situations in order to make the content more relevant and applicable. Appropriate texts are available to engage and challenge the students.

Students are encourages to take regular assignments and tests to assess their understanding of meanings as shaped by the writers’ choice of form, structure and diction. Student interaction during classes is very encouraged. Fruitful discussions are frequently conducted on the class’ eLearning group as well. Students are encouraged to watch performances and screenplays based on and related to the relevant texts especially Shakespeare’s plays. This enables them to communicate their responses and understanding of the work. The primary objective of teaching this subject in A Level is to prepare the students to become productive, positive and sensitive global citizens.

Importance of the Subject for Higher Studies and University Programmes

As a full credit subject, A Level English Literature prepares the students to pursue further studies in language and literature. University placements in other humanities subjects as well as comparative literature is facilitated and above all students of literature evolve as confident and creative individuals.

The subject is being offered at

Central Region:

DHA Campus Lahore, Ravi Campus Lahore

Northern Region:

Capital Campus, Islamabad

Southern Region

PAF Chapter Karachi


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