Art & Design – 9479

AS and A level Art and Design provides opportunities for learners to develop their personal practice, enrich their understanding of key concepts and improve their practical skills in a wide range of traditional and contemporary techniques. It allows learners to explore and build on their interests. It encourages independent expression and develops critical reflection.


How is the subject taught at The City School?

We at The City School strive to make the student have confidence in experimenting with media and materials in two and three dimensional processes. We want them to take risks and improve their technical skills to develop a personal artistic style. They should be responsible for taking charge of their own development as artists with an independent approach to the creative process. They should be reflecting and recording ideas as well as critically evaluating their work.

Importance of the Subject for Higher Studies and University Programmes

AS & A level Art & Design course at TCS prepares students well for university because the students have learnt to go into the subject in considerable depth and richness in detail of the subject. The students are provided a foundation for the study of art and design as it is equally suitable as a part of a course of general education. Students are able to use it to progress directly to university courses in art and design or any other subject. It is suitable as part of course of general education as well as in specialised fields such as Architecture, Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Product Design.

The subject is being offered at

Central Region:

A Level Gulberg Campus Lahore, Ravi Campus Lahore, Sialkot Campus


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